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Work Order Program for Technical Assistance needs to be simple and efficient

but it no means it needs to be paid.

There are a lot of Work Order Programs that come from the control bid to internal demands of small businesses, these service order programs have different difficulty levels for the end user, in many cases, making the entrepreneur depends on skilled labor from their attendants and technicians to the use of these systems.

Many of these Work Order programs are installable and therefore rely on a minimum infrastructure equipment such as servers and equipment which creates another problem for the company which is the initial investment and the subsequent maintenance of its computer equipment, in addition to being confined within the company structure so that when a quick consultation is necessary when you are at home in the day to schedule the next sessions, the entrepreneur becomes hostage or printed reports Remote access to your company that are not always available.

In order to contemplate the various different situations, much of Work Order programs have too many screens with different information so you can answer questions like: "the What?" "Why?" "When?", "How?" "Who?" and "how much?". Because of this, the development is more expensive and therefore the support of tuition increases, the result is that many small companies spend large sums of money on licenses to use less than 10% of capacity from a service order programs .

Work Order programs paid still have the limitation of integration between companies, as some agree to pay for the service and not others, access to these programs is limited to exclusive use of the company to pay for the license, that is, when a large company need to track service calls in its guarantees, the company has to pay for all other companies. In other cases, these companies need to keep an entire availability of infrastructure for remote access from technical assistance to Work Order program.

Today, the cost of Internet access is very low. Otherwise, the maintenance costs of a simple infrastructure equipment to maintain a Work Order software on the internal network of the company. Not to add up the costs of licensing and support (often caused due to unnecessary complexity of the system itself).

The purpose of the CheckOS Work Order Service is to bring fully and Free form of simplicity without forgetting efficiency in the treatment of Work Orders of your business, the CheckOS is the Work Order program that allows you to manage your Work Orders without having to worry about the maintenance of computer servers equipment.

CheckOS Work Order Software is available online, through any device with a standard browser and internet access wherever your business needs. For example: business technicians who work with customer visit, can use the CheckOS through a tablet with 3g or 4g to check, update, finalize and see the next Service Order to be met without having to go first in the company to pick up the printed reports.

With CheckOS Service Order Software, communication between companies that provide product warranty and businesses service does not need be made by e-mail, the mechanism of commercial relationship between the companies allows all the processing of the registration of the Service Order, the approval and the assistance may be made in one place, without the need to emails or phone calls.

Your company is not yet registered in the CheckOS Work Order program? Feel free to join us and use it wherever and whenever you want.

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